Rastaman Vibration

It’s a bit of a rarity these days to find a proper full on reggae band but (Notting Hill Carnival aside) if you’re going to find one it’ll be at Guilfest.

They get a good crowd in the Surrey Advertiser Tent and give a tight set of bass heavy dub & roots reggae. Singer Neil Willis looks the part with his long dreads and he has the voice to go with it; good range with just enough gravel to give the songs texture and depth. The eight piece band is tight and the mix of trumpet, keyboards and bongos backed with the heavy bass create a real groove.

They make an unlikely looking bunch but the proof is in the product and they deliver a tidy set that gets a fair few moving. The pace never really gets above a brisk stroll but that’s of little consequence today. Already making a name for themselves in Guildford it’s an enjoyable set and the perfect mood music for a relaxed and warm afternoon.