The Majesty of er...sticks?

It’s tea time on Saturday afternoon and we’re in a tent full of hay bales. Thanks to yet more rain at Guilfest we are joined by lots of other people, which is all good news for southern based band Majestix.

Singer Dino has a bit of Chris Martin about him but thankfully they sound more akin to The Strokes than Mr Martin’s gloomy outfit. Dino has the voice to carry this off and throws in some clichéd but effective moves, which makes for an unusually compelling performance on this stage. It’s all very slick and polished and 3 or 4 songs in it’s clear that they have some good tunes. The musicianship is tight, the lead guitar work particularly solid and they seem to have a real belief in what they do.

The crowd warm to them and despite the odd farm style setting Majestix give a good account of themselves. Admittedly there is nothing overtly original about their sound but they have enough of a commercial edge to see them bothering the lower end of the charts.