Back to the Start

Merry Go are a four piece outfit from Wakefield who get an early afternoon slot on the small but quite decent Ben Sherman stage. Alas, whilst the stage is decent the sound mix is far from it! In fact it’s awful and does the band no favours at all.

The weather is good and it’s early, which makes for a small crowd, which in turn makes for a rather reserved performance from the band. Not that they have a huge amount to get excited about anyway as the majority of their material is inoffensive indie pop. The venue doesn’t help and neither does the aforementioned mix and I’ll concede that in the confines of a small club venue they would probably have more of an impact. Today though most of the guitar work is lost in the rough mix and takes away any definition they might have. The vocals are decent but would benefit from some harmonies and the overall showing could just do with a kick up the backside with only guitarist & keyboard player Jonny Smith having any life about him.

The faster songs work better and there are some decent choruses in there but the lack of stage presence and the lackadaisical performance make for a rather forgettable showing today.