Lycanthropic rock

A Wolf Like Me are a young looking four piece from Leatherhead who have only been together a matter of months, no mean feat to get a slot at Guilfest then even if it is in the confines of the Ben Sherman tent.

It’s a nervous start but they soon get into their stride and first impressions are favourable with some good tunes accompanying the sporadic moshing of what appear to be a lot of their friends down at the front. Melodic and driven the songs have a distinct punk edge to them whilst keeping one foot firmly in the alternative rock camp. Singer Jamie does quite well with the crowd between songs but really needs to do more during them! He lopes around and shuffles a bit when he should be spitting out the lyrics to the front row and it detracts from what would otherwise be an impressive performance.

They don’t have that many songs yet and not surprisingly a couple of them are weaker and a little sloppy in their execution but there’s distinct promise here. Give them a few months to get some stronger material into the set and you could be seeing a lot more of A Wolf Like Me.