Mrs Brown would be proud

South London boys Marner Brown have been making big noises over the last few years, supporting the likes of Ocean Colour Scene and Babyshambles and successfully getting the mainstream music press queuing up to lick their collective ass.

All that aside I think it would be rather generous to suggest that the tightly packed crowd in the Rocksound tent for their late afternoon slot were here purely on the strength of their reputation. This is our fifth year at Guilfest, we know how this crowd works and we know that the torrential downpour outside is the real reason! No matter though, the bad weather is Marner Brown’s gain and they don’t look like they’re about to waste the opportunity.

The tunes are energetic indie rock and singer Fiachra Kerrigan has the perfect voice for them, injecting just the right amount of gravel to his thick bluesy vocals. The riffs are tight and punchy and they top them off with big breakout choruses, resulting in a solid reception from the sizeable crowd. Not really my cup of tea but there’s no denying they are a good band and it’s easy to see why they gather the plaudits they do. Good set and a sound performance; don’t you just hate it when bands live up to the hype?