Dananananaykroyd - Hop Farm Festival

Scottish “fight pop” band Dananananaykroyd are quite possibly one of the best bands to see live for a colossal amount of fun and highly enjoyable music. With their two drum kits, the six, now all male band since bassists Laura Hyde departed, got the floor shaking with the jumping both on stage and in the crowd, which is quite impressive as it was a concrete floor.

It was in the crowd where much of the gig you would have seen lead singer Calum Gunn along with his fellow vocalist and part time drummer John Baillie Junior, none more so than for the Wall Of Cuddles. Those that have seen Dananananaykroyd live before know what exactly that is, for those that have not I am not going to spoil it, just go and see.

The interaction with the crowd, even when on stage was first class. It even had the security men at the front smiling, something very rare indeed. There was the obligatory mention of the recent passing of MJ, even if they insisted on calling him Michael Jordon.

Also spotted in the crowd going mad, other than various members of Dananananaykroyd, was Fight Like Apes Singer Maykay, so soon after just finishing her own set too.

Every time I have had the pleasure to watch this band live I leave being wowed at the music and a massive smile from the fun, today was no exception, pure high class enjoyment.