Good fun if you like that kind of thing

“From the front to the back, to the left to the right, when I say DJ, you say…” �" here’s the bit where the crowd shout back “Ironik!”

Now at the risk of splitting hairs this early on in the review, Ironik appears to be a rapper, not a DJ, maybe that’s getting bogged down on technicalities. A bit of research reveals he did start out as a DJ at the age of 13, but it’s his rapping which has seen him shoot to stardom.

Sunday on the Ents 24 Stage appears to be a largely pop-based affair, with Will Young rounding things off for those not interested in the Happy Mondays or King Blues. Although not exactly what we’re known for here at R13, we decided to catch at least one act, as much for the entertainment possibility of the over all occasion and, we hit the jackpot on that front with Ironik.

You could be forgiven for thinking you’d gatecrashed an under 18’s night, one very much dominated by the female of the species, and blimey do they like a scream!

Ironik’s rapping ability is pretty reasonable, but it’s all as tame as you’d expect given the target audience: NWA it was never going to be.

His two big hits were left for the end, the decent enough pop tune ‘Stay With Me’ which, by the sounds of it he’s enlisted the help of a smurf on vocal duties, and ‘Tiny Dancer’ (which in case you’re not familiar with Ironik’s work does feature the Elton John classic).

The set is over pretty quickly, just a mere five tracks played, with the crowd left to either scream some more and await the next teen-offering, or, like us, wander off to get on with our lives, not significantly better off for the experience, but it certainly wasn’t a waist of twenty minutes.