Wibble Wobble

Last year we came to see Wobbly Squadron at Guilfest on the strength of a silly name and what an inspired decision that turned out to be! They delivered one of the sets of the weekend and blew us away with their mix of heavy bass beats and other worldly shenanigans. This year it’s evident that word has got around as there is a much bigger crowd assembled in front of the Ents24 stage. Unfortunately they are kept waiting for some time as technical problems delay the start of the set by a good 5 - 10 minutes.

The delay at the start means they get a much shorter set and only actually manage to squeeze three songs in; songs being a rather loose description for their lengthy cosmic jams! Joined onstage this year by a few street performers they successfully recreate last years groove, getting everybody’s head bobbing and it even stops raining! Blessed be the wobblers. The top end sound isn’t great today and unfortunately it prevents Shiney’s wind instruments from providing the perfect accompaniment to the infectious beats, swirling electronics and thumping bass.

They might only get three tracks today but it’s enough to confirm our impressions from last year, that Wobbly Squadron are the perfect festival band, spanning the genres of dance & psychedelica as comfortably as the likes of predecessors Astralasia and Ozric Tentacles. It’s all over too quickly but everybody is smiling and glad they made the effort. Another fine performance that was only slightly marred by the technical problems and reduced length and leaves us already looking forward to next years Wobble.