Oasis are headliners of the first night and on paper this appeared to be the main draw for the vast travelling Brit contingent. Yet so often the stellar Mancunian act has disappointed at a festival so when 'Rock N Roll Star' began, with Liam Gallagher seemingly mad for it, such doubts were quickly blown away. With the temperamental front man on this form few bands can touch Oasis, not when they continue with 'Lyla', 'The Shock of The Lightning' and 'Cigarettes and Alcohol'.

While the band’s epic performance should have grabbed attention, some overzealous fans decided to steal some of the limelight by ambushing one of the towers. Though largely cheered by the crowd, the collective misdemeanour led security to address the crowd from the stage. No songs would be played until they climbed down yet you try to tell Liam Gallagher that who nonchalantly disputed the warning before 'Morning Glory'. The threat remained until security forcibly dragged the revellers down before chopping up their wristbands and escorting them out. Quite the price to pay for a decent view, their loss.

Understandably for a festival the setlist had been trimmed by half an hour and all the better for it. 'Roll With It' was given a rare yet rapturously received inclusion and a reworked version of 'My Big Mouth' is risked after a successful airing on the band’s own gigs yet was welcomed with shameful indifference. The same cannot be said for the likes of 'Half The World Away' and 'The Masterplan'; simply sublime crowd pleasers where Noel Gallagher had the adoring masses in the palm of his hand bellowing every single line back to him.

While his brother Noel dressed appropriately in a thin shirt, only Liam can get away with wearing a parka and jeans in Spain. As the sweat trickled down his face during a serene rendition of 'I’m Outta Time' it was clear that despite playing to an away crowd there are few lead singers who can match such effort. Yet maybe he cared too much as barely a couple of verses into 'Wonderwall' he menacingly stared at the side of the stage and walked off, leaving the somewhat bemused crowd to finish off the song themselves. With Liam AWOL, Noel cheekily strummed the intro to 'Whatever' in what seemed a karaoke request which lasted only two verses before Liam dutifully returned. Sound cuts again plagued the set, notably during 'Champagne Supernova' though this time the band seemed oblivious, leaving the crowd to provide a note perfect rendition so that when sound did return, not a lyric was missed.

Whether it be strangers serenading each other during 'Champagne Supernova' or atop shoulders for 'Wonderwall'; while many are split on the band’s reputation, few bands can unite a festival crowd like Oasis.