Alien Ant Farm - Sonisphere

Alien Ant Farm are not a band I would normally consider going to see, sure I know a few songs that have appeared on the video music channels but with the tent pitched it was off to see the opening act of the main stage.

What a way to get things started too, right from the start the four piece got the crowd woken up with their alternative rock / metal as well as their antics on stage, playing all over the big stage as if they were at home. Lead singer, Dryden Mitchell, was certainly enjoying himself despite the early start and did not take long to jump off the stage and join the crowd. Bassist Tye Zamora was particularly impressive with his six string bass, which at times he played with his left leg over the neck.

Having not played in the UK for about two years, it is such a shame they only got 30 minutes on this occasion but it was half an hour full of enjoyable memorable tunes. This included their biggest hit to date, “Smooth Criminal”, at the end which saw people attempting to moon walk quite badly in the crowd.

Alien Ant Farm are now a band I will very much consider going to see again. Every festival should have a band like Alien Ant Farm open things up for them.