Nine Inch Nails - Sonisphere 2009

So that is it, no more of one of the most influential bands we have seen in the last two decades. Nine Inch Nails played their last ever European gig in the early evening of the Sunday here at Sonisphere. A large crowd gathered to see the penultimate act on the main Apollo stage, many of whom were sporting red faces after being caught out with the surprisingly nice weather of day 2.

Nine Inch Nails love their stage lighting and the whole of the stage behind was decked out in their specialist lighting, sadly in the early evening sun they did not give the same effect as an indoor gig but then Nine Inch Nails can just play anywhere, anytime.

Despite having an hour allocated to them, Nine Inch Nails only played for 50 minutes and with the length of their songs that meant only 9 got played. It was still an awesome set though, even if they only seemed to play on one side of the stage. Each member played the keyboards, including drummer Ilan Rubin. But this band has for the recent years been all about Trent Reznor, who has never been the most flamboyant of front people. He showed plenty of emotions singing the songs but when it came to the end, he just said a simple “Thank you very much” and walked off.

So with a heavy heart the crowd walked off knowing they have seen for the last time this great band. There was an English flag at the front with “Don’t Leave Trent” written on it, think the majority of people agreed.