Machine Head - Sonisphere 2009

As 'Ave Satani' played over the speakers Machine Head’s back drop was slowly raised confirming the worst kept secret of the weekend, Machine Head were playing Sonisphere after all the yes we are, oh no we’re not sillyness.

It did not take long for the crowd to go absolutely mental at the front in quite possibly the messiest of any mosh pit of the entire weekend, which saw plenty of plastic bottles and even curly green wigs flying around in the air. Front man Robb Flynn shouted “Sonisphere, it’s time to head bang like it was 1996” and launched into 'No Rebirth'. From here on in the saviours of thrash metal continued to pound out powerful song after powerful song for the next hour.

The sound was perfect, the music was perfect but the only complaint is that it seemed that there were too many requests to make a circle / raise your fists / screams / show your horns during every song. Their music does enough talking, no need for the excessiveness of these requests. However, the crowd responded every time and none more impressive when asked for circles all over, there were easily a dozen or so circles created.

The crowd showed their appreciation by chanting “Fuck Limp Bizkit” which certainly amused the Californian four piece. This prompted Robb Flynn to state that the reason for agreeing to come back on the bill after being bumped down the order by Limp Bizkit was “For the fans here”. Which begs the question, why did they pull out in the first place? Either way, thank god they did play, as Machine Head rocked the entire grounds of Knebworth House to its core.