Kerrang! Week Of Rock

Dear Superstar deserve a very big round of applause for this performance on the opening night of the Kerrang! Week of Rock at the HMV Forum.

We all have our doubts over support bands, you either love them, appreciating the chance to be able to listen to new music, or you hate them and wish they would leave so the band you paid £20 to see would come on. But while the fans have reservations about the band on stage, just imagine how it must feel for them. Standing there giving it your all and the crowd looking back at you like lifeless zombies. For Dear Superstar, even though the crowd seemed to show barely any emotion and didn’t seem to be feeling the music, well besides the lone movement of one mans fist in the air and two longhaired tattooed clad fellas bopping their heads, they gave the performance their best.

To be able to stand on stage, not play any music but simply move freely and with pleasure you must be a true performer and Micky Satiar certainly has a talent for the over dramatic, kicking about, arms in air and small discourteous signs. Dear Superstar played with catchy guitar riffs and the occasional captivating lyrics; these were more pronounced with the elevated harmonies and three backing vocals.

The fans may not have been welcomed to the sight of Dear Superstar, but they gave a set to be proud of.