Bullet for My Valentine - Sonisphere

Hitting the stage with all guns blazing, Bullet are your quintessential rock gods. From the top of their long haired heads, past their muscled arms and sleeveless shirts right down to their spread leg stance they ooze hard rock charm.

With shredding riffs and power packed beats they chased away the rain and demanded everyone's attention. Taking a break from their spot on the US Mayhem tour to play Sonisphere, they were on home soil, well sort of, they are Welsh after all, and clearly loving it.

Matt Tucks vocals were as crystal clear as always and for once Jason "Jay" James's guttural growls could be heard above his bass. Guitarist Michael "Padge" Paget and drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas were on top form and this metalcore foursome produced a sound that reverberated through the arena.

Starting with their last single 'Waking The Demon' they played a well balanced set of big singles and strong album tracks. Throwing in a new song that will most likely make it to their next album didn't hurt the set, in fact it pumped up the crowd even more.

Making their way through crowd favourites 'Hand of Blood', 'Hearts Burst Into Fire' and 'Tears Don't Fall' on their way to a finale of 'Scream Aim Fire' they had the crowd so energised that everyone was still bouncing long after the band had left the stage.