Groove Armada

An unexpected act alongside rock acts, but great all the same. The upbeat dance tracks really got the crowd going in time for Stereophonics, with very few samples used considering their style of music. An annoying use of visuals instead of footage of the performance resulted in those at the back seeing almost nothing.

But this did not reduce the entertainment value of this act, especially when all their big tracks came on, such as I See You Baby and Superstylin’. These famous tracks got the audience shaking their booties and singing along. Andy Cato’s incredible trombone talent in At the River made everyone feel especially summery at the end of this hot, sunny day, with a hint of nostalgia at this tracks’ 1999 summertime release.

Although they played very well and gave a greatly energetic show to match their style, the instrumental emphasis of this group was not particularly suited to this festival, but still a performance worthy of four stars.