Starseed - Peace Machine album launch

With a sound that is big enough to fill the arena next door, Starseed took over the Indigo2, filling the room with their soaring melodies, dramatic undertones and rhythmic beats. Sound flowing from the stage, through the crowd, and into every nook and cranny creating a lightening bolt of energy around the room.

The buzz in the crowd indicated that this was the first time that many of them had seen Starseed live, or indeed heard their music, but it's unlikely to be the last. From the moment the lights dimmed and the intro music started everyone's focus was glued tightly to the stage. Each song designed to capture your attention, from start to end the entire room was dancing, jumping and swaying. The fans singing along word for word and the faster songs even drawing some minor pit action. With music like this the crowd didn't really have a choice, they couldn't help but move.

Mixing slow, fast and spaced melodies with unexpected time changes their songs twist and turn, constantly surprising you. There are not many bands that could pull off this constant changing but clearly it's what Starseed is all about.
Fusing sounds from various genres from the spacey towering vocals, the heavy riff driven melodies and even some post-hardcore style dulling growls on occasion, the sound is colossal and all in a good way.

Andrew Spence's masterful drumming style has the rhythms constantly changing but at the same time remaining stable and with Dale Anderson's steady bass they keep the beat solid and moving. Russell Spence's lyrics provide a powerful counterpoint to the guitars of Gerald Gill and Pete Wicker and with all five members contributing vocal harmonies their voices and instruments blend seamlessly to produce a truly epic sound.

Each individual is highly talented and together they are a force to be reckoned with. The Indigo2 set was the launch of their latest album, Peace Machine, and based on tonight's performance, if they've managed to capture a fraction of their immense sound on it, then it should be amazing.

Tonight though, the focus was on their live act, which is visually and aurally everything you could ask for. Passionately energizing the room and sonically feeding your soul, expect big things from them very soon.