Lost in translation?

Lostprophets have a quite a job on their hands tonight following excellent performances from both Gallows and AFI immediately prior to their headlining set. It seems they are up to the task though and they draw a big crowd despite being up against Radiohead on the main stage.

The sound is spot on and they use their hour long set well, mixing old and new songs into the set with the new songs if anything sounding heavier and boding well for the forthcoming album. Singer Ian Watkins puts on a real show, constantly moving about the stage and interacting with the crowd although taking rather a long break between songs at times that leaves some fans frustrated that they could have played another song. Still, nobody is complaining as they work through ‘Rooftops’ and ‘Last Train Home’ and you’d be forgiven for not noticing that guitarist Mike Lewis was missing (his wife having given birth earlier in the day).

It’s a consummate and professional performance and they save the best until last with a double salvo of debut single ‘Shinobi Versus Dragon Ninja’ and rousing crowd favourite ‘Burn Burn’. Whilst at times I find Lostprophets a little tame when they go into radio friendly rock mode, there is plenty on offer tonight to show just how good they can be when they really let rip and if the new songs translate as well onto CD as they do live then the future is looking good.