Great variety of songs, from slower ballad-like tracks to the upbeat, rockier tracks we know them for. Their 80ís retro style of rock went down very well at this years festival, particularly their performance of 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl', as the summery anthem found the crowd singing and dancing to this energetic style in Seaclose Park, where many had swarmed towards the main area. Perfect festival material, Jet was the first band to get the crowd going and get them going they most certainly did.

Nic Cesterís gravelly voice is on top form today, but I have overheard and agree with fellow festival goers that as entertaining and well performed as it was, he didnít put as much effort into his singing of most lines as into certain ones, causing it to sound lazy and slightly sloppy.

Such massive audiences are much needed practice for the 2 year old band in order to improve their live performances and experience. Definitely one of the more energetic acts and got campers coming down earlier than usual in time for their set, which is good going for a relatively new band.