The Art of Partying

We’ve seen a lot of thrash merchants Municipal Waste over the last few years, heavy touring schedules and a host of festival appearances have meant our paths have crossed on numerous occasions. The fact that we keep making time to come and see them is testament to just how good they are! It’s a limited genre that’s for sure but Municipal Waste are at the top of the pile, blending humour and fine musicianship with ease.

Yet again the sound is frustratingly poor on this stage, which given the speed of the material ensures that any definition is lost in the mix. The crowd aren’t bothered however and they get a huge circle pit going right from the start as the band tear through ‘Headbanger Face Rip’ and ‘The Thrashin’ of the Christ’. Singer Tony Foresta gives his usual high energy performance and guitarist Ryan Waste pulls all manner of classic metal poses; as usual it’s all good fun and the crowd lap it up.

How many songs can you fit into half an hour? Lots if you’re Municipal Waste! ‘Thrash is my Business..’, ‘Terror Shark’, ‘Wrong Answer’ and the excellent ‘Sadistic Magician’ all fly by in front of sea of limbs and a steady succession of crowd surfers. They save the best until the end with ‘Beer Pressure’, ‘Unleash the Bastards’, ‘Divine Blasphemer’ and the always rousing ‘Born to Party’ whipping the crowd into a frenzy. They leave to the familiar crowd chant ‘Municipal Waste is Gonna Fuck You Up!’ and yet again, they do. Same time next year?