Going to Penalties

This San Francisco six piece fight out of the Epitaph stable and as such you could make a fair guess as to what you’re going to get and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Fast and melodic they make an instant impression with dual vocalists Matt Wilson and Jordan Brown working both stage and crowd well as they tear through ‘This Will be the Death of Us’. The only down side to their performance is that Wilson’s vocals are a little weak, meaning the exchanges between him and Jordan don’t always have the effect they should. The material is pretty good, alright it’s not exactly groundbreaking or anything we haven’t heard before but coupled with an entertaining performance it makes for a good show.

The heavier songs are better but there’s no getting away from the tried and tested formula and whilst sounding like Rise Against is generally no bad thing it’s all a bit predictable. Set Your Goals are a good band and they do their thing well, it’s just unfortunate that lots of other bands do it as well.