Lip Up Fatty

New Jersey seven piece Streetlight Manifesto get a big crowd in the Lock Up tent and most of them seem determined to sing along throughout the set. Employing a big brass section they are well placed to deliver a polished and upbeat set of punk tinged ska.

It’s a lively and energetic performance with the emphasis clearly on having fun and from the reaction of crowd and band alike it seems that everyone does. The songs are well structured and the vocal harmonies (courtesy of the brass section) work well before giving way to tight brass breaks. They get a steady succession of crowd surfers throughout the set and you can’t help but get drawn into it.

The songs are catchy although it has to be said that most follow a familiar pattern of quiet verse followed by a rousing singalong chorus. It’s a bit predictable but when it’s done this well it’s hard to complain. The only downside really being that singer Tomas Kalnoky doesn’t seem to know where he is, constantly thanking the Reading crowd. Nobody really cares though and it’s been a fun forty minutes.