William Francis goes acoustic

To fully comprehend the accomplishment of this set, the scene must first be set. A stage completely empty except for a stool and a few candles; the lights dimmed to a point that the room is left in darkness and a sound so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Out walks William Francis and all hell breaks loose, well for a minute or two at least. With open arms he welcomed the crowd onto the stage to get a little closer, creating a scene much like young children surrounding an adult reading a story.

The music he performed on this occasion was a combination of Aiden hits such as ‘Teenage Queen’ and ‘Let The Right One In’ as well as his own William Control numbers, well them and the odd cover song such as his re-invention of Johnny Cashes ‘Folsom Prison Blues’.

Two things about this guy’s performance that could actually send shivers down the spine and were particularly terrifying were his combined facial expressions and vocal roughness while signing. He didn’t just sit there and sing but threw himself into the music he was creating. His vocals sweep between a gentle cat's meow to a lion's raw. This made them so unique you couldn’t turn away; like the scary point of a horror flick. When accompanied by his facial expressions, lets just say if his eyes got any wider they could simply have popped out of their sockets and rolled across the venue floor.

Between the sweet sounding music that could cradle you off to sleep, unsteady therefore surprising vocal adrenalin and expressions to show dedication, William Francis gave one set you will not be forgetting in a hurry.