Linchpin play the Purple Turtle

When you go to see an acoustic performance do you expect to see a support band to also be performing a raw acoustic set or would you prefer a high energised electric performance. In this instance it was the latter. With William Francis waiting for his turn to take to the stage, our own home grown talent Linchpin were set lose on the stage to keep the crowd revved up and ready to go.

Linchpin is an incredibly astounding band. Having no idea what to expect, they quickly put a smile on your face and a beat in your feet. These lads produce a very strong live set and present themselves very well considering the actual size of the stage. They opened with everyone strumming away but later vocalist Joseph gave up the strings for a more free presence with microphone in hand. With such strong vocals as well as being instrumentally completed, the lads were able to engage the crowd and get them singing along, even if you had never set your eyes or ears on them before. As their set came to a close, they left the stage energised and the crowd eager to hear more. Linchpin is going to be taking the industry and music lovers by storm.