The Blitz Kids play the Purple Turtle

After becoming familiar with the Blitz Kids via their myspace, the night looked set to open quite eventful. Bursting onto the stage with a spring in their step entered five fellas ready to warm up a crowd. Taking into consideration that the Blitz Kids were supporting an artist that was to later take to the stage for an acoustic set, they had no problems in creating a little spark with the crowd. Lead singer Joe and guitarist Jono took the time to chat to the audience, introduce the band and share a few personal stories.

As the set commenced, the crowd were welcomed with a powerful pop rock blend of guitar vibes and cheerful melodies. They create lyrics that can be enjoyed in verses while screamed along in choruses; one thing that particularly stood out was the harmonies. On a Cd harmonies are usually top class as they have been altered so the best bits stand out, this is a little harder to achieve when performing live. The Blitz Kids however made it look easy as well as sound incredible. They may not be one of the hottest bands at the moment, but just wait; the Blitz Kids will soon have their day of reckoning.