Savage Truth

London based Savage Messiah are clearly on the up, having formed just two years ago they have already made serious inroads and received some extremely favourable reviews for recent release ‘Insurrection Rising’. Today they play in the small board room that doubles as the Metal Hammer stage and despite the volume being too loud for the room they turn in a solid performance of 80s influenced classic metal.

The tunes are full on and the delivery completely in your face! It’s an impressive beginning that they then proceed to build on as the set progresses. The guitar work is accomplished and although singer/guitarist Dave Silver doesn’t have the greatest voice he gets away with it thanks to the strength of the material and the slick performance. They play to the crowd well and subsequently get a good response in return. There are some good songs here, ‘In Absense of Liberty’ standing out particularly and they are starting to remind me of Megadeth. You could level the argument that there is nothing new or original in the material but they ply their trade well and mix in plenty of mellow and melodic breaks.

The crowd is pretty small but it’s appreciative and it’s a shame there weren’t more here as Savage Messiah prove to be one of the best bands on this stage. Keep your eyes on these guys, I’d be surprised if they don’t turn up at a few festivals next summer, good stuff.