One of those sets you wish would go on forever

After a short and cheery bit of a greeting to the crowd Don Broco switched on the vibes and immediately launched in to a set filled with intense energy and heavy beats.

Front man Rob worked the room, his strong presence drawing everyone in and igniting the crowd with his chatter and movement. His clear and powerful vocals teamed with the flowing underlying melodies mixed in amidst the heaviness of the bass and beats provided a well defined blend of sound that got the crowd up and moving.

These four boys from Bedford bring exactly the right blend of alternative punk, rock and pure heaviness to shake you to your core. Producing a sound that fills the room rising up and making it shake to the rafters, they can't be ignored. Luke on the bass and guitarist Simon barely stood still, bouncing up and down non stop and throwing themselves around the tiny stage. Drummer Matt was a flurry of movement at the back, frequently lending his smooth sensually melodic voice to the supporting vocals.

Without a doubt the boys of Don Broco love what they do, passion oozes from them from their heads to their toes and, being the talented team they are, they capitalise on every moment owning the room and drawing people to the stage.

They brought the crowd to their feet and held everyones attention from the moment they started through to the very end. The only thing wrong with this set was that it was not long enough!