Starseed at the 100 Club in London

Starseed take to the stage at the 100 Club in London with smiles on their faces and a desire to rock the room. Returning to London after a few shows up north, they're clearly glad to be home and in a place where they don't have to deal with dodgy vans and crazy weather!

The four South Africans, and fifth member, Peter Wicker, the token Essex boy, that make up this heavy rock band are firm believers in what they do. It is all about standing up on that stage and affecting the crowd in a positive way. They do exactly that tonight. The room filled with their sound and energy with bodies moving and people cheering from start to end.

Drummer Andrew Spence couldn't contain his passion, his sticks flew through the intricate beats generating fist pumping excitement. Guitarists Gerald Gill and Peter Wicker are almost complete opposites on stage, Gill a blur of movement while Wicker exudes a quiet passion. Bassist Dale Anderson brought a funky solid beat to the proceedings and a composed presence clearly feeling the vibe

But tonight the focus was front and slightly off centre. Singer Russell Spence was on top form, every word out of his mouth perfectly crafted. On a stage filled with big personalities and presence, he still stands out and you quickly get caught up in the powerful songs.

Starseed have a sleek powerful sound. Their melodic hard rock is perfectly suited to a live performance and the boys give it everything and then some. Highly talented and perfectly attuned to each other, once again, they blew the crowd away.