Failsafe entertain the HMV Forum

To be first on stage in a venue as large as the HMV Forum is probably quite nerve wracking. If the lads from Failsafe were at all anxious, they never let it show. When they took to the stage the venue was less than a quarter full, but with their explosive sound and vigorous stage performance they pulled in the crowd.

With so much energy placed into their performance, these lads gave their all to make their set enjoyable as well as electric and energy driven. While performing hits such as ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Hope’, it was unbelievable that a large sound can come from such a small drum kit. What may have looked as though it was built for a child obviously had much more depth due to the technique of the drummer, Rob. There was also the odd synth tucked in there.

The vocalists of Failsafe have such united voices when the choruses kick in; this is one thing that particularly stood out when they were performing. There were times where the vocals on verses also sailed between lead vocalist Jim as well as lead guitarist Matt, which gave a varied sound.

Providing some melodic alternative rock, Failsafe managed to gear up the crowd for what was about to hit.