The Living End ROCK the HMV Forum like never before

If you have ever been stunned, amazed and bewildered when having seen Green Day performing, whether it be live on stage or in a recorded live performance then it would do you well to seek out The Living End.

When they recently performed at the Forum, they won the entire crowd over with an explosive and non-stop energy driven set, performing upbeat song after upbeat song. The majority of the tracks were incredibly catchy such as the addictive ‘West End Riot’ and ‘Hey Hey Disbeliever’, getting you to sing along to choruses and chants that some in the crowd may have never heard before but will surely be seeking out afterwards.

Upright bass player Scott Owen is a confident soul to use the instrument in the ways in which he does. This man plays his heart out with an instrument that is bigger than he, but also twists it, climbs upon it and treats it pretty much like a dance partner. Even lead vocalist Chris Cheney gets involved with the stage antics, following in his band members footsteps and climbs on the instrument. Speaking of Cheney, he is a singer that instantly gets your attention with his unique vocal. He has a Billie Joe Armstrong voice with an Australian twang. This is something you can’t help but notice, adore and want to hear more of.

After such an energetic, vigorous and breathtaking performance, The Living End will have you seeking out their releases if you haven’t already done so. You can’t help humming and bopping along to their addictive songs.