Keep Your Eye on FWD

Stage 3 festival closer was satirical band Four Wheel Drive. Sporting skin-tight denim and zebra-print spandex along with big hair, the guys looked every inch the glam rockers. It wasn’t my intention to stay and listen to this band, but as I was leaving a fan saw my media pass, pushed a Four Wheel Drive flyer into my hand and enthusiastically ranted about how good they were - with support like that, I decided to give them a go (not that I think I would have got away even if I’d wanted to).

Despite rock heavyweights Witchfynde and Marya Roxx performing on the larger stages, Four Wheel Drive had a good crowd. The band was due to perform the previous night on the larger Stage 2, however due to a medical emergency occurring during the set of the band that performed before them, they were postponed to the following day.

So, the verdict?

I am so glad I stayed. Despite the excessive crotch thrusting, Four Wheel Drive did not disappoint - their set was extremely entertaining and I couldn’t help dancing along with their army of fans. The lads were bursting with confidence with no hint of arrogance; they completely owned the stage, making a lasting impression with their audience.

The majority of the bands that performed at Hard Rock Hell were at their peak during the 80’s and 90’s before the Four Wheel Drive lads were even born; this set could’ve so easily fallen flat on its face but the lads performed the genre perfectly. Here’s hoping they take hard rock forward for the next generation to enjoy.

Four Wheel Drive was the perfect band to close Stage 3; their energetic performance left the audience on a high ready for the rock giants due to take to Stage 1 - this is definitely a band worth looking out for in the future.