The Girls Made Of Heavy Metal hit it big

If GUN hadn’t proved so compelling, I would have made it in time for Hysterica’s set, but instead I’m five minutes late and arrive at an already almost full room wondering how many other people have done the same. But I was determined to catch whatever I could from the much talked about Girls Made of Heavy Metal (or in this case copious amounts of leather and vicious looking weaponry).

We walk in while they’re hammering into ‘Metalwar’, and the lyrics are exactly as you would expect: “Girls on tour/ Here to break the law…” Perhaps not exactly groundbreaking songwriting, but everything you could possibly hope for from a straightforward, rockin’ Heavy Metal band. Think Manowar or Judas Priest for tunes and image, but with a heavy dose of Riot Grrrrrl attitude.

Sadly, it’s not long before stage two’s gremlins reappear, this time to tamper with one of the guitar amps. Fortunately, it’s all back online for the ball-breaking solo of ‘Got The Devil In Me’.
“Are you ready for a fight?!” singer Anni De Vil challenges the audience, who are more than delighted to take her up on her offer. A quick scan of the crowd reveals that, as expected, they’re predominantly men. Make of that what you will. The guitarists duel musically as De Vil disappears momentarily, before re-appearing for the singalong ‘Blest The Beast’ and the heavier than hell ‘We Are The Undertakers’.

I don’t think anyone’s really sure whether Hysterica are still a novelty or whether it’s all deadly serious. They certainly divide the audience. Listening to one couple on their way out, the woman has decided that it wasn’t her thing, but the bloke was extremely enthusiastic about it all. I think that can sum it up without being too unfair on Hysterica’s musical ability. It’s traditional 80s Heavy Metal with a glamorous twist that goes down really well with the Hard Rock Hell crowd.