Scottish rockers are a surprise hit on the main stage

Logan were originally booked to play HRH last year, which must make them the latest appearing band on the bill (in reality tour commitments with Alter Bridge forced them to pull out). This year the Glaswegian rockers are the opening act for stage one, and grab the opportunity with both hands and swing it around the room.

They’re one of these strange bands that despite being around for six years have a predominantly American fanbase, which means that the vast majority of the crowd here wander in through curiosity rather than any prior knowledge. And Logan do create a stir. Opening number ‘When I Get Down’ is a masterpiece of simple, anthemic hard rock that showcases exactly why these guys were chosen to support Bon Jovi. More idle wanderers join the crowd for the singalong epic ‘Brother’ and the band seem genuinely excited by the buzz that’s starting to build from their radio-rock sound.

Genial frontman Kenny Collins explains that this is only their second festival after Download, and they’d taken all the slow songs out (a statement that receives a smattering of approving cheers). Which is a blessing because it allows them to rip into the popular ‘Hallowed Ground’, as Al and Steve Reilly skip around the front of the stage grinning at the audience.

Performing a self-proclaimed “anti-X-Factor” song is always a winner when playing to a crowd of hardened rockers hell bent on getting drunk, so ‘The Rock and Roll Way’ went down a bit like the drink: all too quickly, and leaving you wanting more. Logan’s anthemic choruses and quirky charm ensure they win the crowd over slowly but surely, and by the time they break into a cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ all trace of nerves have disappeared. The cover was a risky move that could have backfired spectacularly. The band look like they know it and are immensely relieved when it receives a raucously positive reaction.

You know a band’s made a few more fans when they bid us goodnight and the crowd yell “Goodnight!” in return.