They've got a score to settle with Prestatyn...

As we’re right in the heart of Tigertailz fan country, it should come as no surprise to find the second arena quickly filling to bursting point before their set. But somehow it still does. The place looks more like a riot scene as more people try to pile into the overcrowded bar. And don’t Tailz know it! Hamming it up for their crowd, their set is one of the most energetic, funny, and genuinely warm and fuzzy moments of this weekend. And that’s without mentioning the haircuts.

Hammering straight into ‘Love Bomb’ the crowd are already singing along loud enough to be in competition with the band. ‘Action City’ goes down a storm as the glamtastic band set out to prove why they’ve retained such a dedicated fan base. According to the Tailz, they have unfinished business with Hard Rock Hell, having first played the festival last year, but having their set unceremoniously cut short. They’re here to correct that perceived slight, and after today’s performance I don’t think anyone would dare to pull the plug on them again.

There’s a touching tribute to former bass player Pepsi Tate and Girlschool’s sadly missed Kelly Johnson, as the two bands have always been close. Girlschool’s Kim and Jacky even end up joining the Tailz on stage for an impromptu encore of Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’.

Tigertailz really know how to work their crowd, not only with their music but with personality. The delighted front rows ended up being filmed for the band’s new online project ‘Tailz TV’, although when we’re privy to a slight ‘set malfunction’ and a broken backing tape, Kim Hooker jokingly pleads to all the camera-phone wielding witnesses “Please don’t YouTube that. Anything but that!”

This is a purely fun set full of great songs and a fantastic atmosphere (even with seriously reduced oxygen levels.) Tigertailz confidently finish what they started here a year ago, and will undoubtedly do again in future festivals.