Not just Steve's daughter any more... or the Lauren Harris band!

It’s nice to see Lauren Harris striking out more on her own these days. It was easy to take pot shots at “Steve’s daughter” when she was on perma-tour with Iron Maiden, but it’s more difficult when she’s effectively put herself in competition with every other young female-fronted band here this weekend. And she comes out of it remarkably unscathed.

It’s also reassuring to know, first hand, that the band are now in for a name change as the line up becomes one permanent, coherant unit. Having been so stable for several years, this confirmation before the release of their second album is another step in the right direction, along with their more choice support slots of late.

So, new band, new album - new start? Sort of. It’s late, and the crowd is winding down, so it’s the perfect time to be showcasing new material without too much hassle. Sadly their cover of ‘Steal Your Fire’ comes off worse in comparison to Gun’s performance yesterday, but I am more intrigued by the newer material. It’s more towards the NWOBHM sound than before, with a bigger sound, but the most interesting thing is how this new attitude has them playing tighter as a group.

Not having any information of the new songs to go by, it’s easier to sit back and take their heavier groove as it comes. ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Fire and Lightning’ are all possible titles for these interesting glimpses into their new direction, but we also hear ‘Come On Over’ from their 2008 album. They get a better reaction than most critics would imagine, and it will be intriguing to see where this performance takes the band next.