Plymouth Pavilions 16/02/10

At one point during tonight’s performance, Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta apologises to the audience for appearing somewhat exhausted. He then goes on to blame his fatigue on having to travel from a gig that took place last night in Moscow. Bearing this intense touring schedule in mind, most people would forgive Jasta if he seemed a tad tired. However, if it wasn’t for his confession, few would guess that he or any of the other members in Hatebreed were feeling at all lethargic. From the moment they take to the stage with ‘I Will Be Heard’, the Connecticut metalcore band are in full, lively form. Jasta runs and jumps around the stage, bellowing towards the crowd and beating his chest, while the other guys in the group complete the action around him.

Although tonight’s show is only a warm-up slot as part of Machine Head’s The Black Procession tour, Hatebreed have managed to bring a throng of faithful followers to the Pavilions. “Do you know who we are?”, Jasta screams, pointing towards the large backdrop that bears the band’s name. The responding roar from the masses confirms their recognition. If someone was to wander into the venue accidentally, they would be forgiven for thinking that this was the headlining act. This crowd are not afraid to show their appreciation by moshing insanely and singing along to a selection of favourite tracks, including ‘This Is Now’ and ‘Live For This’. Jasta is clearly impressed by this reception and at one point he encourages the audience to form three simultaneous circle pits, which they achieve to spectacular effect.

Later, the vocalist asks whether anyone saw them at last year’s Download festival. The loud reply suggests that many people did indeed see them and that they approved of the performance. He then praises UK audiences for showing their enthusiasm, before kicking off newer track ‘In Ashes They Shall Reap’, which is taken from their recent self-titled album.

Many bands choose to save their best efforts for their own headlining shows when playing support slots. But for Hatebreed, this clearly isn’t the case. Despite following a hectic schedule that mixes this Machine Head tour with their own gigs, they continue to give their all at every show they play. This has, once again, gained great rewards in appreciation from the fans, making this another match made in Heaven between a hardcore band and its hardcore followers.