Abgott at Hammerfest II

It was getting late as Abgott took to stage 2 to a sparse crowd and lukewarm reception. Headliners Five Finger Death Punch were due to perform on the stage 1 just 15 minutes into this set so unsurprisingly, the better known band was pulling the crowd... and most of those who were willing to find out what Abgott was about didn’t hang around for long once they’d started to play.

The guys looked very glamorous in their make-up and there were some good galloping rhythms and intriguing melodies but only minutes had passed before my head felt like it may explode if I stayed for the entire set due to a rather squeaky vocal performance.

As I was heading for Five Finger, I was stopped dead in my tracks, not by an eager crowd, not by anything that could possibly be human. It was the weirdest metal scream I had ever heard in my life! The ‘car crash syndrome’ had me standing around for another few minutes, waiting to hear that bizarre sound again, but it wasn’t long before temptation stamped all over my curiosity and I exited stage right to catch Five Finger’s set.

Abgott... check them out if you’re brave enough to do so!