Arthemis at Hammerfest II

The night was drawing in on VIP night as Italian metal band Arthemis took to the stage. The hunky lads, posing in skin-tight vests, leather trousers and jeans, had the full attention of every lady in the audience. Edgy, cool guitars, perfect hair... these guys were definitely looking to make an impression... and make an impression they did!

The guys in Arthemis are so much more than just gorgeous bodies and pretty faces, these guys can seriously play! Unfortunately, however, they did struggle to get the crowd excited despite the great music and good level of interaction. This was through no fault of their own, but an unfortunate timing issue had them following one of the best bands of the festival (Beholder), who had had the crowd eating out of their collective hand. Arthemis really did have a battle on their hands to relight the flame of passion that Beholder had ignited. However, the crowd did warm to the Italians and were very appreciative of the performance by the end.

The powerhouse thundered through their disappointingly short set way too quickly for me; I can’t wait to catch up with the guys in the future to find out what else they’ve got!