Too little too late for me, but a memorable moment nonetheless.

No Made Sense took to the third stage early Friday afternoon in front of a good-sized fresh, enthusiastic audience.

The trio didn’t have the appearance of your average metal band; dressed in smart trousers, shirts and waistcoats with hair slicked back, they looked like they’d come straight from the office. Nevertheless, we were eager to find out what they had to offer. Man Must Die had already caused disappointment by pulling out of the festival, so another let-down so early on would not go down well with the metal-hungry crowd...

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened.

No Made Sense’s lethargic mid-range performance failed to make a lasting impression, particularly when compared with Sondura who had kicked some serious ass in the previous slot. Don’t get me wrong, the primarily instrumental performance wasn’t bad, but it didn’t grab you and give you a good shaking, which to me is exactly what metal is all about.

Although the vocal contribution was pretty good with plenty of power behind the metal roar, the band’s lack of interaction with their audience led to many losing interest very quickly.

If it wasn’t for the band’s final song which featured what I consider to be the best metal roar of the festival, the whole set would have been a compete wipe-out. Somehow this final song managed to get the audience back on-side and resulted in the band getting a semi-decent applause when they left the stage.

Too little too late for me, but a memorable moment nonetheless.