Savage Messiah at Hammerfest II

Savage Messiah describe themselves as "...a mix of Metallica, Lamb of God and Judas Priest" - boy I was looking forward to this one!

Right from the off I was impressed; Savage Messiah instantly ignited the Stage 2 crowd with some powerful and technically awe-inspiring guitars and thunderous bass. With classic stage poses aplenty, these guys knew exactly what the Hammerfest crowd wanted!

Among others, 'Serpent Tongue', 'Serpent To Your Death', 'Corruption X', 'Enemy Image' and 'He Who Laughs Last' entertained the crowd with 'Serpent To Your Death' triggering an impressive mosh pit.

These guys have only been together since 2007; to produce such an outstanding quality of music so soon, I think the future's looking bright for this band.

All hail the Messiah!