Isolysis at Hammerfest II

It was the final day of Hammerfest II as Isolysis took to the third stage. Previous band Belligerence had failed to excite a crowd that was noticeably suffering from the weekend's non-stop partying.

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Right from the start, the Derbyshire-based band made it clear that they meant business. “Get some of this down your fucking necks!” bellowed vocalist Bane, as Isolysis literally exploded into action, immediately waking the zombie-like crowd.

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'Ties that Bind', 'New Disorder' and 'Condemned' kicked off the set and what a set it was! Bane kept the crowd captivated with his powerful vocals whilst Dan Monic provided some quality guitar shredding. Dan Syndrome and Dave “Rockstar” Ruffin combined perfectly to create a mixture of thundering bass and intense drumming that ignited the crowd, burning away any trace of a hangover; what a way to start the day!

'Locked in Torment', 'Lead the Blind', 'Wake the Fallen' and 'The Prophecy' kept the set rolling at break-neck pace. Isolysis were here to make their mark and they did so with ease.

The guys obviously love music and it is this love that makes them so appealing; the lack of desperate gimmicks such as those used by some of the other bands was hugely refreshing!

Finally, 'The Needle' and 'Vampurity' ("because vampires are cool" - Bane) ended the set way too soon.

If Isolysis keep putting in quality performances such as that at Hammerfest II, I am convinced that they will soon get the respect and recognition that they deserve - the metal scene needs Isolysis!

Absolutely wasted on stage 3, I hope that Isolysis will be back in the future on a bigger stage with a much-deserved longer set.

Isolysis' debut album “Condemned” is out now. I'll be buying it, I suggest you guys do the same!

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