Malefice at Hammerfest II

Malefice took to the second stage on Friday evening, kicking off their set with a dramatic instrumental introduction. As soon as the music started, the crowd was there and it didn't take them long to form a moshpit worthy of the band's heavy music.

A Malefice chant filled the air, seemingly surprising vocalist Dale Butler, who declared that he was “getting a hard on”; the chant unsurprisingly grew much more vociferous as a result!

The best song of the set by far was 'Rise to the Ashes', which saw a large circle pit form, probably the biggest I saw for the stage 2 sets.

As the set continued, Butler continued his great audience interaction, declaring Hammerfest as one of his most memorable shows. His genuine gratuity was lapped up by the adoring crowd.

As the last song kicked in, the fans made the most of the final minutes of Malefice action by creating an even larger pit than seen previously during the set - they really could not get enough of Malefice's unique metal madness.

Malefice performed a great set; the future looks bright!