Glamour of the Kill and Yashin tag team brilliance

Glamour of the Kill has lined up about forty tour dates throughout March and April and one spot on their tour was the Underworld in Camden. With Yashin lined up as their main support, no matter which venue you attend, you are in for a special night!

Having the fans going completely bonkers for one of your support acts must give you a warm feeling inside knowing they are going to be in the perfect state of mind for when your own band takes to the spotlight. This was the very stage that I saw Glamour Of The Kill perform on exactly two years ago and they have developed into an incredible act of four talented and well-performed musicians.

The first thing that stood out as these guys took to the stage was the manor in which they were situated. Ben was in back pounding drums while three microphones were lined up at the front. Lead vocalist and bassist Davey took centre stage singing the gentle vocals with guitarists Chris and Mike on either side leaning towards gruffer screams. This created the perfect atmosphere of harmonies.

When Glamour of the Kill play they take to the stage like they have been doing it for years, when in fact these lads are barely in their 20s. They played songs from their one and only self titled Ep release including ‘So Who Said Romance Was Dead’ as well as newer songs like ‘If Only She Knew’ and ‘Through The Eyes Of The Broken’. What particularly stood out was the way they opened and closed the set with two of their most memorable tunes, notably ‘Rise From Your Grave.’

There was not one moment when you could take our eyes off of the stage when Glamour Of The Kill was performing. They blew everyone away with their magnificent set. Everyone had a blast and would definitely consider it a Friday Night well spent.