Sabaton at Hammerfest II

The stage was set for the last band of the festival on stage 1. It was 1am, I was tired after 3 long days of metal and partying but the electric atmosphere kept my interest.

Dressed in black t-shirts and grey camouflage trousers, Sabaton exploded onto the stage, instantly burning away my fatigue. Hailing from Sweden, they had come to Hammerfest to make an impression…

The setlist was full of power and bludgeoned the ecstatic crowd from start to finish. '40-1' and 'Gallipoli' told of the sacrifices made by the young and how they are not and never will be forgotten. With guitars playing out the tragic but heroic charge of the young lads to their deaths, the drums and bass blending to fill the air with the roar of cannons and boom of artillery; this is exactly what history class was missing! 'Panzer Battalion' and 'Back in Control' told of conquest and conflict, songs that stirred the crowd into a frenzied moshpit.

Front-man Joakim Brodén thoroughly entertained the crowd, performing with a passion and energy that was nothing less than inspirational. He thanked the crowd for their overwhelming support and love, all of it deservingly gained by Sabaton.

Guitarists Oskar Montelius and Rikard Sundén hypnotised the audience, making the most intense riffs look easy, providing a mesmerising display that was an absolute joy to witness.

Bassist Pär Sundström provided the thunder that transformed the lyrics into the nightmare that the story told and his onstage antics gave the crowd some real entertainment.

Keyboardist Daniel Myhr and drummer Daniel Mullback added their specialist skills to the mix and provided a spectacular show for the Sabaton followers and new-bloods alike.

The crowd had an immensely positive reaction to Sabaton and when the famous 'Metal Machine' was played, the crowd went wild. With this the set ended all too soon, drawing the first stage to a final close.

One of my favourite bands of the festival, Sabaton played out Hammerfest the only way they knew how - with amazing guitar riffs, inspirational lyrics, and an incredibly passionate and entertaining performance. I became an instant fan.

Maintaining my faith in Scandinavian metal, Sabaton kicked some serious ass and left a lasting impression on me - nice one guys!