A Laid-Back Way To End VIP Day.

It was late and VIP night was about to draw to a close as Gentlemans Pistols took to Stage 2. Sporting thick beards, retro clothing and shoulder-length hair, the band could easily have just walked out of a time machine from the ‘70’s.

Gentlemans Pistols’ music was light-hearted, just what was needed at that time of night. The sparse crowd seemed initially interested in the curious music not harmed by the band's ass-shaking, which seemed a staple move in their performance. However, as the set went on the monotonous sound became dreary and many left the arena to explore elsewhere. Not even the intriguing high-pitched vocal performance of the bassist could keep hold of the waning crowd.

All in all, Gentlemans Pistols’ set was a good experience; it was great to hear a different style of metal and I certainly wasn’t going to complain about the visuals, although I would've preferred to have seen a more diverse set to maintain my interest as the basics were spot on.

A laid-back way to end VIP day.