Madina Lake create a night to remember!

Brilliant, incredible, breathtaking, exhausting, exciting, exhilarating, intriguing, honest, lively and most importantly one of the best damn gigs that 2010 has bought to London so far this year! Who is this band you scream, well it can be none other than Chicago born Madina Lake.

The energies were running high in the crowd after the two previous support acts Mayday Parade and We Are The Ocean got thousands of people on their feet, screaming, singing and jumping along. But when Madina Lake took to the stage, things got even more ecstatic. Singing tracks from their albums ‘Attics to Eden’ and ‘From Them, Through Us, To You’, these guys put in more effort and energy than you would have ever thought possible. The heat under those lights must have been horrid, but they never let their enthusiasm slip. Powering though each and every song, Matthew and Mateo were spinning cautiously with instrument in hand.

The band, particularly lead singer Nathan, seemed to really play off the energies emitted by the crowd of screaming fans. He took time to make his way from one end of the front barrier to the other, encouraging those in the back to make their way forward and shakes hands. At one point he didn’t even make his way back to the stage for another song but decided to stand within the crowd. As the encore concluded he also took time to chat to the fans from the photo barrier, which is something the crowd respected and appreciated. As the set commenced, he made a large statement about the band members and crowd being one and the same and that other bands should not see themselves as superior to their fans. This got large support from the crowd.

As well as putting on a great set on stage Madina Lake took time to put thought into what the fans would enjoy; in this instance they decided upon large paper filled balloons. Thrown from the top balcony onto an unexpected crowd, the band as well as those below seemed to enjoy throwing the balloons back and forth. Madina Lake is always a pleasure to see live and are one of the most energetic, honest and compassionate bands you will ever encounter.