Mayday Parade play the HMV FORUM.

Pop punk from Florida comes no better than Mayday Parade and British music lovers got a taste of what these guys can achieve when they supported Madina Lake at the HMV Forum. The guys could be seen at the start conducting what can be described as a little ritual, each member had one hand in the centre as a possible building each other’s confidence and self esteem and it certainly worked.

The stage was quite large and Mayday Parade was able to make use of every nook and cranny, every bit of available space the stage would allow them. The band looked at home doing so as the entire venue heated up. Performing old as well as new tracks, the crowd were very excited and eager to see what the boys had in store.

Lead vocalist Derek Sanders is a positive and confident performer, although with his microphone flying through the air it is no wonder someone on stage didn’t get a serious eye injury. This is a man who doesn’t stand stamping or throwing his head back and forth but jumps and bounces up and down, practically dancing. When your eyes drift back to the rest of the band, you could see guitarist Brooks Betts bopping away with his FULL head of hair flapping around and when in line alongside fellow guitarist Alex Garcia and bassist Jeremy Lenzo, the synchronisation of the more focused guitar moments were a little conventional, yet still enjoyable to watch.

This is the second time the boys have graced the UK with their presence and we are hoping they return again soon!