We Are The Ocean play the HMV FORUM

Whether you are a British band or have travelled from the other side of the pond to play a few gigs, there is no doubt that We Are The Ocean is a band you would LOVE as support.

These guys are magnificent when on stage and are some of the most powerful performers you will experience. When they took to the stage at the HMV Forum, they never let their energy drop from the moment they stepped into view to the minute they left. The post-hardcore five-piece gave 110%, threw themselves about the stage and made the most of their time. Considering they have only recently released their debut album ‘Cutting Our Teeth’ it was surprising the amount of individuals singing and jumping along.

The man of the moment had to be Dan Brown, the screaming vocalist that decided it would be a good idea to jump from the stage, through the photographer’s barrier and climb up to the fire exit staircase. The security holding onto him didn’t seem impressed, but the crowd screamed with excitement. This wasn’t his only stunt, as he also threw himself into the crowd, luckily held safely by the security. The man may be mad but he is one heck of a performer. When he actually stayed on stage, he put determination and strength into what he was screaming and the manner in which he was doing it; stamps, jumps and arms flinging the microphone wire through the air.

The combination of Dan’s screaming vocals and Liam Comby’s cleaner voice, with the music, atmosphere and excitement for the night made everything static and WATO’s performance one to remember.