Napalm Death at Hammerfest II

It was Friday night at Hammerfest; headliners Five Finger Death Punch had just finished a mind-blowing set and old-school metal act Napalm Death was about to close Stage 1 for the day. Energy levels in the arena were still high but numbers had depleted quite astonishingly.

As the four, overweight, middle-aged men took to the stage the atmosphere became electric. The excessively loud music packed a punch, sending the crowd wild. As the vocalist stomped around the stage, it felt as if the lunatics had escaped the asylum!

It wasn’t long before Napalm Death’s unique brand of mind-blowing metal took its toll on me; the screaming and the clashing melodies grated on my nerves and I couldn’t bear to stay for the entire set.

Although I could understand how Napalm Death’s live performances could send their fans into a violent metal frenzy, I can’t begin to imagine what the attraction would be to hear it on CD!

Overall, it was great to see Napalm Death show Hammerfest how to rock out old-school style, but for the non-hardcore music fans like myself, it was too much metal too late in the day.