SXSW has bands that we all know and love in abundance but for me one of the best things of this festival is discovering new bands and with bands from all over the world playing, this becomes easy to do. At last years SXSW a band from a stone's throw away from the festival, Ume, were one of these bands. So this year it was made sure that our paths crossed again at their official showcase at Submerged on the opening night.

I am not sure how this happened but Ume are the American version of our The Joy Formidable, only without the sound effects. They play the same style of rocking music, are a three piece with two guys and one girl, guitarist / singer, Lauren, is a petite blonde who never holds back, throwing herself and guitar all over the stage but above all they are so impressive live that just leaves you with a stupid grin on your face for a long time after.

Sadly the sound tried to hamper tonight’s show with an annoying feedback at random moments but failed miserably. No one in the crowd left, a rare thing at SXSW, such was the brilliance of Ume. With tracks loved from last year still being played like ‘The Conductor’ a thrilling ride of a song, mixed in with new stuff, well new for us out of towners, it made for a perfect show. Bad feedback, what bad feedback?

Ume are right up there at the top of the list of bands that deserve to be out there, not just in America but globally. Once a year is just not enough to see a band of this talent live.