You can't stop the metal!

With Devil Driver rocking hard on stage 1, Conquest of Steel had a job on their hands to draw in a crowd. However, as soon as the pipe organ began to play and lightning rippled across the arena, the crowd were paying attention!

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Five guys, all decked out studded denim stood with their backs to the crowd.. it was clear that something very special was about to happen.

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Suddenly all hell broke loose as the Bradford band rocked Hammerfest to the core. It wasn’t long before lead singer Dan Durrant wielded a sword and challenged his "warriors" to "bring the fucking roof down!"

‘Prophecy’, ‘Only the Devil Can Stop Us Now’ and ‘I Am Legend’, a song dedicated to stand-in drummer John Savage, entertained the crowd with old-school metal, something Stage 2 had been sorely lacking. Even with Devildriver headlining on Stage 1, I noticed that the crowd had grown considerably in size.

The sword reappeared as Dan yelled “any band you see this weekend that doesn’t have a sword like mine, isn’t a real heavy metal band!”... this was heavy metal at its best, I loved it!

A cover of ‘Holy Diver’ really got the crowd going, a personal tribute to Dio. Conquest of Steel really impressed with their powerful guitar skills and mind-blowing bass; with great energy from the front man, the crowd was gagging for more.

Returning yet again from back stage with an axe, Dan proclaimed “you can't stop the metal” and with a roar from the crowd they played their last song.

The highlight for me was to see these guys stick around and shake the hands of the crowd, humbly accepting the praise they were showered in.

A fantastic set by a fantastic band - technically brilliant!

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